At Kaustav Dreamworks Private Limited, we believe in the transformative power of stories—narratives that entertain, enrich, and inspire. In the diverse tapestry of India, we thrive on the challenge of selecting the finest ideas to bring concepts and characters to life through the incredible art of storytelling. Since the inception in 2019, our values of ambition to tell Original stories from India has driven us forward.


Driven by a team of talented creative and business professionals, Kaustav Dreamworks Studios is committed to pioneering content creation and storytelling. With a focus on original movies, series, music videos, short films and docuseries, we continuously strive to elevate the standards of excellence. Our collaborations with creators and partnerships with varied platforms ensure that our content reaches consumers across the globe.

As we set new benchmarks, titles like Suka Bhaira Sholay, FOUR, Anthony,  Adieu Godard, Runanubandha, Khyanikaa, Capital Talkies etc, exemplify our dedication to creating critically acclaimed and audience-appreciated content throughout the globe. FOUR, in particular, stands as a proud recipient of the Indian Telly Streaming Awards 2022, for best Direction and Screenplay in regional category, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

This is just the beginning. And we have ambitious plans to expand our bouquet of content to influence the audience globally, making significant strides in the world of entertain


AAO NXT stands as the OTT Of The East , a premium player of the Eastern region Of India. We curate a diverse array of content, including Original Movies, Web Series, Short Films, Classics, and Music.

Owned by Kaustav Dreamworks Pvt. Ltd, as the distribution arm, AAO NXT is driven by a passion to reach new heights in the realm of OTT platforms in Eastern India. Our mission is to showcase the rich cultural tapestry of Odisha, West Bengal and Assam, in the best entertainment formats. Through our in-house and curated content, we aim to elevate and amplify the cultural identity of Eastern India on a global scale.


AAO MUSIC, the music production arm of Kaustav Dreamworks, specialises in creating original music videos for diverse audiences. It contributes to the broader narrative, adding a harmonious dimension to the storytelling legacy of the company.